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The Running Men

90 or 9 doesn't matter if the weather is fine
You will see us running rain or shine
With Jeff and Joe I'll be in tow
Not as fast as we used to be, but we’re not slow
We may be 50 but we’re pretty fit
Have no time to lie around and sit

Ice and snow, yeah we will go
The postman has nothing on us
Whatever the days brings we don't make a fuss
Got miles to run and laps to swim
Some say we’re rather thin
That's because we are lean and mean and ready to win

Triathlons and marathons we have done our share
5k’s and 10k's with energy to spare
Don't look twice or we will be gone
Running fast and running long

Across trails, lakes and streams
All sorts of places in between
There we run and swim and ride
Evening or morning, low or high tide

Some say we will slow down or even quit
But we don't even think of it
For God has been good to us
He has given us the strength

Someday our time will come
Up in heaven we may still run
Across the clouds up in the sky
For even then we will be running
Faster and…