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08:02 Movie night tonight, Race Across the Sky #

Deuces Rap:

Deuces Wild Duathlon think I've done six
you would think by now I would have my fix
yet one more chance to go out and do my tricks
last race of the year to get my kicks

Jack and Joel came as a team
Craig was there with his carbon fiber gleam
Brent on a team with a black machine
Adam and Andreas showed looking fast and lean

started with the run just like I was leaving the hood
running fast like we stole something but just cause we could
at the turn around I could see where I stood
Stan an Craig breathing down my neck I knew they would

on to the bike and time to throw it down
like a get away car I got out of town
then Stan passed and put me one down
what's up with that dog who said you could come around

at the turn around now 10 more miles
watch for my brothers and check'n out their style
they are my friends but now it's a trail
stay back from me now if just for awhile

back in the park and on the last run
watch Adam motor past for the win
Andreas gets second too fast for me again
ended up fort…

Ironman Augusta 70.3 9/27/09

Ironman is enticing and must be treated carefully
Too much too soon will leave you walking humbly
I witnessed its power and its complexity
Much yet to learn plenty left to see

Came to Augusta with high hopes and expectancy
How would I fair for 70.3
From the registration to the expo many athletes just like me
All wondering how strong they would be

Race day arrived I looked over the swim
Looks to be straight with current as my friend
Stayed in the car until it was time to go
Slide into the wetsuit and head for the show

Surrounded by 50 years olds waiting expectantly
Then in the Savannah River we are set free
Got a slow start then picked up speed
Swim straight Paul that is just what you need

Swim exit came soon and I was ready for the bike
Wetsuit was ripped and I found my ride
Bright red with Zipp wheels it had some pride
Now if its rider can hit his stride

Tail wind at the start it felt really good
Put it in the left lane and continue to pass
For 56 miles I take no prisoner but will it last
I have my weaknes…