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Patton's Cave vs Cabin Fever


Winter Time in Fowler Park

Dusted off the mountain bike and took it for a ride in the snow yesterday in Fowler Park.  Talked to my friend Nick at church on Sunday, and the ride was set about 3 minutes after walking in the door.  The turbo trainer has been seeing way too much action the last couple of months with no outside riding.  Even if the trails and roads were covered in snow and ice, it was great to get out.

We normally ride all the trails in the park, but limited by the snow we kept to the small trail and the road around the park.  On lap two I it bit it when my back tire slide out in a slow corner.  Not to be outdone, Nick did likewise on the road in a patch of glare ice.  We both had a laugh and road on.

Need to make more of a habit of this.  The bike handling skills on the trails at Fowler with the added comradery make it a gas.