Air Chuck SL - Or just Chuck It!

So my time trail (triathlon) bike was sitting in the garage looking lonely last night, so I decided to ride it in to work this morning instead of my new Scott CR1. Seemed like a reasonable thing to do. That is until I hit something sharp on the road on my way in to work at 6:30 am. Instant flat, not the kind that goes down slow either, the big bang and your on a wobbly front wheel kind. No big deal, to ride a bike you have to put up with a few flat tires now and again.

So just last night I got my new Genuine Innovations Air Chuck SL and CO2 cartridge and swapped out the old one for the new one in my spare goodies bag under the seat. After a quick change of the tube on the front I pulled out the Air Chuck, screwed in the CO2 and pressed it on the valve stem. Nadda, nothing happens. I try to work the inflater, but it seems to stick. Finally it budges and instantly emptied the CO2 into the air, not my tire where it is so desperately needed. Ah, this is bad. No second CO2, no pump equal no way to inflate the tire. Cars zipping past, looking kind of silly in Lycra beside the highway. Maybe time to "chuck" this little jewel into the woods aye. However, my patience was good this morning, so I kindly packed it back in my bag for another trial and another day.

Thankfully in the era of cell phones I do the dirty deed and call home for assistance, as in car ride to work. Poor Sherrie is sleeping in for her day off only to be rudely awakened by my 3rd phone call in rapid succession. About 10 minutes later, she arrives, I pack the bike and head in to work. Thankfully she is kind to me and didn't just pass me on the road and make a rude hand/finger gesture or anything like that. I could just see that, here's for getting me out of bed! Yes, it is well to be on good terms with your wife at all times.

Turned out when I reinflated the tire at work that it had a big cut in the side of the tire. Fixed that with some super glue and duct tape inside the tire. Hey, what a man can do with duct tape and super glue. Hopefully the ride home tonight will be less eventful and the phone can stay in my back pocket ...

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