Powerbar Diet

I've never been much of a "Diet" person seeing that I can still shop in the "boys" department at a number of stores, but I have paid more attention to it this year. Specifically my breakfast and lunch has been fairly constant all summer, so I thought I might make mention of it.

Just to state the facts, I currently weight about 136 pounds on a 5' 9" frame. My weight in the winter generally goes up to about 146 or so. Since early July I was down to 140 and now a bit thinner. I feel race ready any time I drop below 138.

Most of this I attribute to my lunch time routine of running or swimming and then having two Power Bars and water for lunch. Occasionally I'll do something different, but that is the standard fare. Most mornings I heat up two frozen waffles with peanut butter and syrup along with water. About 3 days a week I ride in to work (about 6 miles) then ride home the long way (about 15 miles). If I don't ride in, I try to ride later in the day after work, or occasionally swim instead. That usually gets me in two workouts a day during the week. For weekends I tend to do a long ride (35 or so) on Saturday, and a swim or run on Sunday.

Most evenings I eat a good size dinner and then something like a protein shake before going to bed at night. I'm not the most nutritionally adept, but for now this seems to work really well. I'm surprised you don't see books out on a Powerbar diet. Seems like a logical way to lose weight yet be healthy. From a weight point of view it certainly has me down to my race ready weight. As for competitive fitness, we will find that out in just a few weeks ...



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