Deuces Wild Duathlon of Distinction

Started running with Craig what a feeling. Better go fast or with
trouble I'll be dealing. Go fast in T1 and get a gap, without it my
race will end with a bad rap.

Kept thinking to myself I'm being chased by men of distinction, better
go fast or I'll be passed and head in to extinction. Have Bob to the
front of me, and Craig to the rear, better forget the pain and find
another gear. Oh the pain in my legs is starting to sear, but Craig is
coming better click down on the shifters and forget the fear. Maybe a
flat tire will ease my pain, I'm afraid my energy level is starting to
drain. Got that hunted feeling, men of distinction are chasing me and
with trouble I'll soon be dealing.

Get in quick to T2 out on the run with my new running shoes. Go quick
Paul or you will soon be passed, Craig is coming and of him you don't
want to be passed. See Bob to the front of me and Craig to the rear, we
are all lost I fear. Turn around and head back from the run, Adam is
passing like he is just having fun. We fall in line without missing a
beat, no one here would even consider being a cheat.

With men of distinction I enjoyed the run, can't wait for the next

Deuces Wild Duathlon, 2 mile run, 20 mile ride, 2 mile run.
November 1st, 2008. 3rd place.
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