Paul Vs Velotron (Velotron Wins)

Got to experience a max heart rate test Sunday on a Velotron. The goal of the test on several cyclist here in town was to find your lactate threshold. Basically how hard you can work before going into the red zone where you can no longer maintain that pace. Now that we know that magic number you can base you training around it. For me that number is a heart rate of 155 to 160.

The test itself include an increasing incline effect until you reach you max heart rate while the machine is evaluating your oxygen uptake and co2 exhale. That part of the test told me my VO2 max was 51.2. I was told that number changes very little and it is basically tied to your God given ability. My max heart rate was 178.

It was hard, but only lasted a little over 10 minutes. The way it sounded my VO2 max was higher than most (the good), but I hit my limit in the shortest amount of time (the not so good). All in all it was a good experience with some friends also getting to share the same experience.
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