Life in the Swim Lane

My experience with swimming didn’t really start till I was almost 30. These days however I’m starting to spend some quality time in the pool lane lines. I remember in high school when I was taking Advanced, Advanced PE, (yes that’s correct) we did a President’s Physical Fitness Test and I could do everything except for the swim. One lap of the pool and I was completely done. That didn’t change until a few months before I turned 30. With a stress fracture from too much running and a friend who was a former swimmer headed me to the pool for an introduction. My lap swimming experience began at the Sisters of St. Benedict pool in Beech Grove. How is that for a blessed start?

My swim stroke is still on the rough side, my kick is not good, and while I may claim a bit of natural cycling and running ability, I make zero claims for that in swimming. However, I have really begun to enjoy the swim time. Probably my most positive memory of swimming is completing a lap in the lake at a Hansford Mann’s home. With Jeff Tincher we would ride out to his house near Brazil, swim down the .7 mile lake, then back. From there we would ride back to Jeff’s house and sometimes a run afterward. From where the lake starts, you can’t see the end. Mighty intimidating the first time I did that.

This week the Forward Motion Tri Team started organized swim practices at the Arena pool at ISU. My normal routine of 1500 – 2000 yard swims was out the door, and the first practice was 3,000 yards. After practice I headed home, got something to eat and hit the couch for the evening. I was a tired puppy. Yesterday was a bit easier with 2,500 yards, but still left me with some aching shoulders. The atmosphere of the teams swim practice is now more like a high school swim team. Well, maybe not that hard, but getting closer. With the beautiful new pool at the SRC center here on campus and the team practices at the Arena Pool, I may become a swimmer yet. I might be 60 when I can say that, but better late than never.


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