Tenacity of Purpose, Modest Life, and Unfailing Courage

A friend sent me a link today about the Crazy Horse monument being carved in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I've heard of it, but not seen it in person, It did make me wonder, who was Crazy Horse? So of course they have an FAQ on the site that talks about him. What struck me was the following sentence:

Crazy Horse's tenacity of purpose, his modest life, his unfailing courage, and his tragic death set him apart and above the others.

While I can skip the "tragic death" thing, I'm most impressed with the tenacity, modesty and unfailing courage part.

Maybe a key here is to have a clear purpose in life otherwise it is hard to have a tenacity of purpose.

One other statement later one says he was a "role model of selfless dedication and service to others". Hard to do, but then they don't carve mountains for just anyone.
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