Hillsboro Roubaix Road Race

58 Miles of Masters 50+ Road Racing

Highlights from Hillsboro

1. Ride 2 1/2 hours with Andy, Joe, Craig and Bradley and didn't get dropped once
(Too bad this was all in the car)

2. Make it to the start-line with 4 minutes to go and the sun was shining

3. At 2 minutes the race announcer asked if anyone had to pee

4. Guy next to me says we are all over 50, so we all have to pee

5. Race starts with a cat and mouse game. Ah the smell of hard braking on carbon wheels

6. Covering the first few accelerations, no sweat

7. Oops let a gap form in front, try to bridge, ah not quite, good effort though

8. Riding with the oldest rider in the field at age 62 for 40 miles and marveling at the power he has

9. Devouring a foot long Subway after the race.

10. Hanging out with my J's Bikes teammates for the day

 Finished 28th out of 49, tough race, but very motivating 


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