Stone Mountain Training

Having been to Stone Mountain, which is just outside Atlanta, I've watched cyclist fly by as I visited the park.  This time is was my turn as I got to ride and run the paths around the park on the way to our Florida vacation.  Had some time early on Friday June 10th to get in a 20 mile ride and 7 mile run around the park.  Just a great place to ride and run.  Plenty of hills, smooth roads and nice shade to enjoy the morning.

Using it as a quality session I pushed the pace hard on the bike till around the 20 mile mark my Ergopower shifter jammed in top gear.  Well I planned to ride further, but no worries, I just put the bike back in the car, fetched my running shoes ran 7 miles instead of 5.   Hills were a good challenge, and the shade on 90% of the course made it a lot easier than it would have otherwise been.

After heading back to the hotel I got sometime in the afternoon to check Google what the problem with the shifter might be.  Found an article that said 99% of Campy Ergopower shifter jams are just the brake hood or the bar tape getting in the way.  Sure enough I moved the brake hood cover back, centered it, and no more jam.  Shared knowledge can be a great thing!

Next chance to run and ride outside will be Jekyll Island which should also be a great play ground for swim, bike, run junkies like me. 

God is good!


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