Alpha Male on the Trail

Yesterday morning while I was riding into work I was just about to turn on the Heritage Trail I noticed another rider whom I have had some past history with.  Maybe two years previous riding down the trail to work I happened to pass him just cruising along when he apparently considered it either an insult or a challenge and he made the effort to pick up his pace and pass me back.  Found that a bit humorous, but no big deal I just let him do it.  Turned out to be a mistake, just as he got to the end of the trail thinking he was way in front of me he proceeded to do a slow U-turn and head back.  Just riding my own pace I was right behind him and except for a last second effort to throw the bike hard left I would have T-boned him. 

Considering his past history of trying to play Alpha Male I figured he would do the exact same tactic.  With that in mind I decided to pass him quickly and just hold a hard pace for the 3 miles or so to the end of the trail.  Of course Alpha Male does just as predicted, as soon as I pass him he scrambled back up to catch me.  He makes it far enough to pull alongside me for 15 seconds or so then falls back to behind my wheel.   While plenty of riders in the area are faster than I am, not this guy.  I never looked back or said a word to him.  However at the end of the trail I did happen a glace back and he was nowhere in sight.  To be honest I totally enjoyed the experience.  Not wise to play the big dog when you are a glorified Chihuahua.

So eventually I’ll happen on him again, and it will be interesting to see his next tactic.  Maybe sometime he will pass me and enjoy that, but don’t count on it anytime soon …

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