Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Olympic Distance Triathlon

Raced the new Rev3 Wisconsin Dells triathlon this past weekend, and had a blast doing it.  We arrived a couple of days early to get in a practice swim and the bike check-in well in advance.  Sherrie and Jacob came along to make a long weekend/short vacation out of the trip.  We were able to book the Tamarack Resort for 3 nights so we had a full size two bedroom condo to stay in.  Pretty sweet deal with tennis courts, indoor pool and the like.  Race site was at the Tommy Bartlet Ski Show just about 3 miles away.  Got to check-out the venue Friday night when we had dinner at the Ravina Bay restaurant just across the lake.  Nice side benefit you get to see part of the ski show while having dinner on the deck. 

Saturday was an easy day with the practice swim and bike check-in in the morning.  They still needed some extra volunteers so Sherrie and Jacob signed up to work the finish line.  Jacob got in some back to school shopping later in the day.  Added in some tennis and racket ball in the evening then called it a day.  Race morning was really easy since you can park right at the ski show and walk 100 yards to transition. 

Race start was a time trial start with 2 going at a time.  Did a short swim across the lake and then a long rectangle for the .9 mile (1500 meter) swim course.  Did okay, but not like I planned.  Came out in 28:18 about a minute slower than I thought I could swim it.  Made the long run up the hill to transition and out on 24.8 (40k bike course).  The bike course had lots of rolling hills on the course, some fairly long.  Felt reasonably good in sections and all but hurling in other sections.  Not sure why that is, but I felt like that at a few races this year.  Finished the bike course in 1:09 minutes, quick change in transition two then out for the run.  Run legs actually felt pretty good and I was moving up on the course which also features several rolling hills.  Couldn’t help but think about seeing Sherrie and Jacob at the finish.  Certainly added motivation to run well and not look like death warmed over.  I can imagine the conversation, “all of those other competitors looked good at the finish, what happened to you”.   Thankfully I came across the line at full speed.  Something like 47:45 for the 10k.  Felt faster, but maybe something to do with being in my mid-fifties I guess.  
I ended up 2nd in the 50-54 and 25th overall.  At finish they had lots of stuff to check-out and maybe the best was the Normatec recovery boots tent.  Hard to describe, but these boots (inflatable leg covers) go from your feet up to your hips and compress your legs to get a high tech recovery massage.  About 10 minutes in those and I was a new man.   Watching Sherrie at the finish line I think she was working harder than I did.  

All in all a great event, and one I would do again.  The Dells has more than you could possibly do.  Two more races left this year with the last one being the new Rev3 Venice Florida 70.3 (1/2 Ironman race).   
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