Piercing the Gray

Flying home from California I had the good fortune to see one of my favorite scenes play out.  On a cloudy morning we taxied out at 6 AM and make the turn for takeoff.  Engines at full thrust we lifted above the runway, over the Pacific Ocean aiming straight for the clouds. Several minutes pass as we finally make the entrance to the thick gray.  As I watched through the window it seems as if we are not moving at all yet the pitch of the plane reminds everyone aboard of the altitude being gained.  Then as we pierced through the clouds I caught the rays of beautiful sunlight streaming into view.  Nothing but bright light with the endless cotton rolls below.  Rarely do I see such a stunning sight.

This view reminds me of a journey spoken of in several books I've read, a couple very recently of those who had "Near Death Experiences".  The authors speak of leaving earth behind, traveling into a bright, warm loving light and entering a Heavenly realm.  Often they meet up with a long departed family member, given something of a tour, meeting Jesus, and seeing angels.  They speak of being struck by overwhelming love, color and sense of awe.

Not everyone of course believes these experiences as real.  However, I'm willing to go on record as one who takes many of them at their word. 

One such story comes from the young and unpretentious Colton Burpo in his best-selling book "Heaven is Real".  Think Colton is too young to understand such things, try another best seller, Eben Alexander's "Proof Heaven - A Neurosurgeons Journey into the Afterlife".  These are two recent examples of a myriad of books on the subject.  As expected, some talk of traveling to a different place, one where no one in his right mind wants to go. 

The closest we can come on this side of earth is flying on a cloudy gray day.  Knowing just above the dark clouds is a beautiful sight.  Someday when our time has run its course that journey will come when we are transformed from this world to the everlasting.  My hope is that the heavenly light will be waiting as I pierce through the gray on that one-way flight leading me home.
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