TH Triathlon 2014, why yes it was a bit cold

This was my 2nd race of the year, and a bit opposite weather of the 1st at St. Pete Florida.  Water temp was low 60’s, but the air temp was low 40’s.  Everyone asking me how I was going to swim in the cold water, but I knew that would be easy.  With a good wetsuit, and plenty of practice swimming in those conditions I was well prepared.  I knew the tough part would be cycling in the cold and dripping wet. 

I started the swim next to Adam Martin with Greg, Tyler and Brandon Lucas right behind us.  Not the best form the first 200 yards in, but it got better after I settled down and got a bit more focus going.  I think my navigation of the course was very good, and didn't have any real issues until getting into a crowd the last few hundred yards.  I came out of the ½ mile swim in 14:17 which is about what I expected.  Running as fast as I could in bare feet that were quite numb from the cool water I made a good first transition to the bike.  Thanks Ryan Oiler for the transition clinic last week.  The only issue I had was putting on the sun glasses and finding them totally fogged up.  End up sliding them on the side of the shorts till about mile 3 of the ride.  Took the time to put on a fleece pullover, but most everyone did something similar.

The ride itself started slow, but I got it going a bit after being passed by several friends.  Troy, Stan and Tony all came around fairly early.  The middle part I caught back up with Troy, but Stan and Tony were long gone.  Kept my head down and worked as hard as I could till about 5 miles to go when Troy pulled away a bit.  I've been spending too much traveling and not enough bike time here as of late.

The second transition was not according to plan.  I did execute a nice flying dismount and came up to the racks at a full run.  Problem was my lower legs were totally numb from the cold.  I had to put on socks considering that fact, but was forced to sit down to put them on since I couldn't feel my feet.  That was a really odd feeling.  Even after running several miles they didn't feel normal at all. 

The run was actually very nice with the cool temps.  Just the opposite of St. Anthony’s where it was more like 90 degrees and I was suffering.  Ended up running 38:21 for the 5 miles which is a full minute slower than last year.  A bit disturbed about that, and plan to really focus on fixing that ASAP. 

As always it was awesome at the finish line.  Sherrie was there to greet me as were Jared and his girlfriend Kaity.  Not to mention so many friends I have in this sport.  Honestly it would be completely meaningless without them to share the day with. 

Wanted to pass along a special thanks to Ethan, Ron, Kim, Jed Page along with Lacy and Mike who put the race on and just did a ton of work to make it happen.   Another big thanks to so many good volunteers who get out of bed super early on a Saturday morning.  Blessed to do this race, and just hope to come back as many years as I can.
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