How to Survive a Zombie Run

This past weekend was my second Zombie run, but first time as a runner, and not a Zombie chaser. The event was a 5k at Fowler Park featuring several obstacles, lots of hills, and of course numerous Zombies trying to chase you down. You wore a belt like flag football with 3 flags. Kind of like flag football over a 5k in the woods.

The event started at the covered bridge, you had to climb a 6 foot wall, and then the first set of zombies were waiting just on the other side.

Tip Number 1: Run with a group to keep the Zombies at bay

The second obstacle was a 12 foot wall, but thankfully it had a rope (actually a rubber hose) to make the climb, and descent on the other side.

Tip Number 2: Wear shoes with particularly good traction

Tip Number 3: Wear light gloves for the climbing

After the second obstacle we proceed into the first wooded section where you guessed it, several more zombies awaited. Here is where I made the crazy move of going out on my own. A couple of young guys were running ahead of me, but everyone else was taking their time. Not being patient and wanting some good exercise out of this I forged on (See tip #1).

Tip Number 4: Be prepared to sprint multiple times for all your worth

First thing I noticed after the initial start and 3 zombie chases, I was breathing like a mad man. Which leads me to the next tip.

Tip Number 5: Slow and easy between the Zombie chases (it’s all about survival)

After the initial woods section we hit the road and of course yet another run for all I was worth to make it past the 3rd set of zombies. I might note here that all the zombies were college students from Rose-Hulman. Needless to say none of these sprints lacked pure intensity.

Next challenge was a super steep hill that required using the rope supplied to make it up. Did I mention I was breathing hard … Yet another wooded section with only one zombie to out run here. Thank goodness because it was hilly, and with all the leaves down, poor traction (see tip #2)

Finally came out about half way into the event when I crossed the main road and headed for the section with the special cure you had to try and take back. Of course to get the cure I had to race past 3 zombies at once. The one redeeming value was at the site of the special cure you have a safe zone. Somehow I made it all the way here without losing a flag. It wouldn’t last …

After the safe zone several zombies had me in their sites. Since I was just the third person passing by at this point they also looked really fresh. That said even sprinting like a NFL half back they got the first of my 3 flags here.

Tip Number 6: Run like you’re in the NFL with a massive linebacker chasing you

Now it was back in the woods, up several steep hills then down the rope that I previously went up. The gloves I decided to wear at the start was a great idea. Hands were still getting hot going down the rope.

My most ferocious zombie was yet awaiting me after the rope downhill section. This particular zombie would not let up. Did my best (tip #6), but to no avail. Now I was down to just 1 flag left. Made it through the last of the wooded section only having to out sprint 2 move zombies. Then back up the 12 foot wall the opposite way. I stopped and talk to my good friend Ron Page who was manning the wall for safety, and caught my breath for the last major set of zombies waiting near the finish.

Tip Number 7: If you are down to 1 flag, protect that side every way possible

Now for the last couple of all out sprints. Several zombies took after me within eye sight of the finish. Made it past them, but around the corner was 3 fresh ones with that look of determination to get me. Here I instituted both Tip #7, and Tip #6. Faked like I was going right at top speed, then juked back left protecting my last flag. NFL running back Reggie Bush would have been proud. Over the last 6 foot wall and I made it home as a survivor.

After I had a chance to calm down and thank the Good Lord for my survival I went back and watched the 12 foot wall climb. It had started to rain, and the wall was like glass. Needless to say I watched some human carnage here. This is after all, nothing like a regular 5k.

All in all it was a blast, but all that sprinting caused me some serious aches later that day, and a couple days hence. Ah see tip #4.
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