Fountain of Youth Found

This past weekend they had the first official opening of the lake jump at the Griffen Bike Park.  It was also just a couple of days before my 58th birthday so I was thinking birthday present to self.  However, the day was one of endless rain showers so I pretty much talked myself out of it.  Just then I got a text from Mike telling me he was getting ready to go.  Well, can’t say no to that so to the park we went.

You would think a group of hard-core mountain bikers would be in line for the jump, but not so much.  It was kids, early twenty somethings, and a couple of middle age types with life jackets on and in line for the jump.  Lots of people there to watch as well.  Mike and I both surveyed the jump, watched a few other brave souls go before we got a life jacket, and got the courage up to join in.  They had bikes strapped with “noodle floats” attached so you just had to fetch the next one out of the lake and get in line.

I walked the bike up the hill and asked the first guy I saw what the trick was to making the jump without doing anything horrible to oneself.  His answer was to just relax, keep the knees and arms bent and just push the bike away at the top of the ascent. 

Now inline I see a kid maybe 12 years old behind me.  Asked him if he had ever done this, his answer was a flat no.  Told him me neither. At this point I and the 12 year old were clearly equals.  Feeling every bit like a 12 year old rookie I have to admit I was nervous.  No other cycling experience I’ve had prepared me for this.  Soon I received the go ahead to proceed down the hill toward the ramp.  Keep saying to myself on the way down I can’t believe I’m doing this …

Well I hit the ramp at decent speed, went up the ramp and proceeded to get maybe 15 feet into the air before pushing the bike down and flying over the top of it and into the water.  Wow, that was actually not the terrifying ordeal I thought it might be.  It was actually really fun. 

Concerned you’re growing old, well if you want to be 12 again, I know just the place.
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