Panama City Beach in January

Spent 4 days in Panama City Beach in early January, and was pleasantly surprised.  My first trip to the panhandle of Florida as we normally go further south.  We visited a couple of days with Sherrie's parents, and then spent 2 days at the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel.  The view from hotel balcony gives one the impression of Hawaii.  Very picturesque place, and one I would visit again for sure.  

While January is certainly their off season it was a very quite time to visit.  The prices of the hotel was also very reasonable.  

Lots of shops, restaurants, movie theater and a variety of things to do.   I'm sure during Spring Beak I wouldn't dare visit, but most times of the year this would be a fun place to vacation.

In the evening the hotel had a pool-side movie playing on a big screen they pull up as soon as it gets dark.  Even had a decent view of it from the balcony.  Waking up and sipping coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean was also a highlight.

Generally the temperature was in the 60's which was a bit cool, but with a heated pool and hot tub, it wasn't bad either.  Even got a good ocean swim in, but with a full wetsuit on.  The ocean was around 65 degrees.  A good wetsuit will make this a year around vacation spot.  

We left on a Friday to head back home and the day we returned it was zero degrees.  Needless to say we will be looking forward to stopping here again next winter if not sooner.
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