Rudy the Goat that Ate Christmas

Dougy and Lori bought a little goat
All black and cute they set Lori's heart afloat
From the first they were consumed with its charm
What could this little goat possibly harm
He will be no trouble just living in the barn
What fun he would be on a Christmas Tree Farm

Little did they know how much Rudy would grow
They thought he would be small but soon he would show
The thought of eating lit Rudy’s eyes aglow
That little Rudy starting off so lean
Soon he got to work eating his plate clean
While Rudy was never mean, he did like eating greens

Just before Christmas they woke with a fright
Dougy saw Rudy eating Christmas trees at night
What if Rudy did eat all to his delight
No Christmas trees on the farm what a sight
All his customers would leave and take flight

Like A Christmas Tree farm hit with the blight

Dougy got up and ran out of bed
So upset he almost lost his head
Little Rudy ate my trees what a dread
Yet all the Christmas trees stood full instead
It had only been a dream and what a respite
Dougy and Lori will never forget this night

Yet he is still here and never a bore
But he is not so small anymore
For goats eating is never a chore
Yet don’t eat the trees Rudy
If you want to stay here more
Rudy and Christmas that what kids come for


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