Taper Week

With just 5 more days to go before my big goal race of the year, I have to admit I’m feeling good and excited about the USAT Age Group Nationals. My diet has been better than it has ever been, my swimming is reasonable (for a very average swimmer) and my cycling feels decent. Still have some concerns about my run speed, and my lower back which tends to tighten up while riding in the aero position on the time trail bike. With the bike course having 2 laps, the second one may get downright uncomfortable in the lower back area. The bike and run course also have more hills than anything I’ve race so far this year. I may not have prepared as well as I should for the hills.

With that said, I do feel good about my training and prep, particularly the last several weeks, and just feeling really good gives me confidence. A number of factors go into the results of any race, but maybe more so on this one. Considering the quality of field, the tougher course, and a location I’ve never been to before, one can race well, but the end results doesn’t look so good compared to the competition. However, you race the best you can, and let the chips fall where they may.

It is hard not to think about what I could have done better in my training and where my weaknesses are this week. However, this is the best I have felt since early in the year before the bike meets dog at full speed accident, and the flu. Have a feeling once you turn 50, you’re not going to have that many long stretches where everything feels good, and no setbacks come your way. Maybe I have set a model for myself during my 50’s, and hopefully I can keep it going for a long ride …

Time to pack the bike, and get my plane tickets ready, here goes!
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