USAT Age Group Nationals

Age Group National Championships did I come. Portland Oregon, sounded like fun. September 20th I thought it never would come. A spot on Team USA was at stake. If the top 16 you could make. Slim chance I knew. But 2 hours a day I did train. Out in the sun or even in the rain. Yet for the prize I did strain.

Started the day before with a trip to Hagg Lake. Wow what big hills did in my eyes take. Olympians Matt Reid and Hunter Kemper did I see. Just back from Beijing, glad they are not racing against me.

From the dock on race morning I did start. 1500 meters of swimming did I do. Most my peers were way before me, but I tried not to lose heart. Around the yellow buoys and back I went. Then up the big hill did I run. To the transition where my bike did await. Only out of one eye could I see. My contact had messed up on me, all that I could see was burry, blurry indeed.

Peeled my wetsuit and on to the bike. In low gear and up a big hill then suddenly felt sick. Oh don't toss my cookies as that would be ick.

Finally got going after a couple of miles. Flying down to the turn around at top speed. Felt like a thoroughbred in need of sheer speed. Out of only one eye could I see, hope no one runs into me.

Back in low gear and climb up the massive hill. Oh Indiana how I miss thee.

Near the start of the second lap I had a mishap. Hit a big bump which made my aero bars break with a thump. No more riding in that aero tuck. Man this ride is just all messed up. Had the aerodynamics of a Mack truck.

Made it back to transition to start the run. The bike rack was full, now I know the rest will be even less fun. My 40 kilometers of cycling was at least all done. Obviously my best shot had been fired from my gun, yet it was far, far from a home run. Tried to start fast now out on the run, yet my legs felt like they weighted a half ton.

Three hills up and over did I pass. Finally near the turn around two in their 50's did I pass, not looking any too fast. They also had run out of gas. Darn these hills they kicked my …

Three hills back to the finish I ran. Of the big hills I am no fan.

With the finish line in sight I did see another in his 50's struggling like me. Passed him with no mercy in a sprint. Event though my legs were well past spent.

Heard my name called as I finished across the line. Man did that take a long time.

No trip to Australia for me. West Terre Haute is about all I will see. Team USA will have to wait. Maybe more years than it took me before my first date.

Cannon Beach my have been the highlight of this trip. Eating Pecan Pie with chocolate chip. Now that was a good trip. Nothing like drowning your sorrows in pie. Here is mud in your eye.

Next years nationals will be in Alabama. Guess I could load up the truck and head down from Indiana. Then again maybe I'll just skip that trip, and just make my own Pecan Pie with chocolate chip.

The Benediction:

Oh that God may find pleasure in all that you do
May He see the mercy that you seek to do
That we find the comfort in His mighty hand
Though troubles before us and trials to the end


Pastor Mark said…
This is awesome, Paul!! You're poet--didnt know it!! Hey, I'll have pecan pie with you any day. As for the running and stuff? Well, let's start with pie and go from there!

Scott Thomas said…
I guess you figured out that your eyes were blurry on the bike because your goggles were still on. Ok, it's happened to me once.

Apparently you were strong enough to break aero's. WoW!

No remorse for passing a 50 year old at the very end?

There's something I didn't know. Once you cross over to 50 you start speaking in rhyme!

Good job Paul.

Are you still going to eat the 2 Powerbar lunch?
Paul Asay said…
Yep, two Power bars and a big fat piece of pizza ;)

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