Damiano Cunego and Drug Free Cycling

Thanks to Versus channel for covering the Giro di Lombardia which as a viewer looks like an amazing place to hold a cycling event. One of the first things I noticed was Damiano Cunego's "Drug Free" tattoo he was sporting. As the defending champion, as well as a very interesting rider, I was glad to see him win for the 3rd time.

What makes me wonder is when cyclist do long tours and never seem to have a bad day. Damiano seems to have suffered his share of bad days, which makes him seem much more real to me. With the seeming endless parade of cyclists getting caught using EPO or some related drugs, it is most refreshing to see someone race clean and do well. Another rider who I think is also refreshing is Christian Vande Velde along with his team Slipstream riders.

Greg Lemond talked a lot about just who is playing fair and who he thinks isn't, and of course he has to speculate to some degree. While he has been given lots of ridicule for his stance, he has been proven right much more than wrong. I'll probably be a cycling fan till the day I am no more on this earth. However, being a cycling fan is sort of like being a Cubs fan. Surely it will be all cleaned up and successful next year? One can only hope. However, in the mean time, I'll be favoring guys like "the little prince" Damiano Cunego to win.
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