2009 Race Schedule

Looking at the USA Triathlon MidEast Region, and the MERCRS schedule as well as a couple of other races I wanted to do, I'm thinking about the following races for 09:

5/02/09 Indianapolis Half Marathon
5/16/09 Pokagon State Park Triathlon Angola, IN or
Memphis in May
5/30/09 Terre Haute Triathlon (just to work, not race)
6/13/09 Celina Challenge Half Marathon Trail Run Perry County
6/20/09 Indiana Sprint Triathlon #1 Indianapolis, IN
7/25/09 XTERRA DINO Versailles New Castle, IN
8/15/09 MERCRS Championship Maysville, KY
9/27/09 Ironman 70.3 Augusta Augusta, GA

Four of these races I've done before, with the other four all new to me. Of course that depends on staying health and breathing, neither of which is assured for anyone.

One thing for sure is I need to run better at longer distances than I have the last few years. I rarely run over 8 miles at a time, so my long runs really need to improve. To that extent I've signed up for the Train in Terre Haute program for the Indy half marathon.

Probably the chief reason for many of these races is to do them with friends. It is always more fun the bigger group you get to go and share the experience with.

Time will tell if this works out, but I'm feeling good at the moment and thinking positive.

Godspeed in 2009 for you racers out there ...
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