Morning in the New Student Rec Center

This is the first week that the new Student Recreation Center opened at ISU. It is just behind the library where I work and I park not 100 feet from the door. It has already started to change the way I approach the day for my triathlon training. For instance today I made it in at 7:15 am, hit the pool for an easy 1200 yards before work and an extra 5 minutes in the hot tub for a nice back massage. Got a nice hot shower and headed out at 7:57 am and made it to work on time at 8:00 am. The only thing that could have made the morning better was champagne and chocolate covered strawberries as I headed out the door. What a great start to the day.

I was thinking about taking the day off since tomorrow is the Ride Across Indiana, one long 162 mile ride. However, the water just looked to good to pass up so a nice easy swim was just the ticket.

Earlier in the week I met Ryan at the pool for a 6:30 am swim. With the awesome glass exterior just behind the pool we watched the day get light as we got in a good swim workout. Considering all the potential with the added hours, equipment and pleasant atmosphere, this will be manna from heaven, well almost anyway.

Watch out triathlon world, I think I'm about to get faster!

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