Most Creative Run Workout Award

The award goes to coach and friend "Daniel Bretscher" for the most creative run workout I think I've ever done. On Black Friday after the Thanksgiving feast this year I skipped the mall and made my way to Hawthorn Park for my run workout.  On tap was an 8 mile run, but not your standard long distance middle pace effort.  The goal was a good warm up then a 2 minute effort at about 80% pace.  Take note of where you are after the 2 minutes then jog back to the start and repeat it so that you go further within the same 2 minute time.  Keep doing this until you can't go any further within the time limit.  Then do your cool down so that you finish out the 8 miles.

Basically you are competing against yourself to run faster and more effeciently as long as you can.  At the same time you get in both a long effort and plenty of speed.  I did it all on a scene trail that made it go much faster.  All in all a great workout.  For more of these plus great cycling and swimming workouts, see and hire Daniel.

Years ago I had the good fortune of a great run coach, Tom Burleson in the late 80's when I worked for a large bank that hired him to coach the team for the corporate challenge and the 500 Festival Half Marathon.  I learned early on the benefit of having a coach for running.  I went from a middle of the pack runner to running the Indy Half in 1 hour 21 minutes in just a few years.  It was hard work, but as usual, hard work pays benefits.
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