A Higher Level

For the month of November I'm being coached by Daniel Bretscher (www.bretschermultisport.com).  I did some work on Daniel's website and he was offering a free month of coaching so I jumped on that.  The workout schedule for the first week arrived a few days in advance.  Daniel asked me my training volume, goals, times and the like so he built it around my answers.  Thought that was very positive since I knew he didn't just pull out a workout and send it to me. 

Since the 1st it has been about moving to a higher level.  I'm also taking some college courses now via Western Governors University so my daily schedule is fairly full.  To be honest I'm beginning to think that a full schedule leads to the desire for more success.  Something about having all those goals and limited time to accomplish it makes you really want to achieve at the highest level.  Today for instance starting as a 6 AM wake up, in the pool at 6:55 for my 2200 yards of swimming with 16 x 100 intervals.  Got to work at 8 AM, skipped lunch and had the bike in the car with me for a ride after work.  Got in 25 miles with 3 x 5 minute intervals and 3 x 3 minute intervals.  Made it back to the car just in time from my weekly call from my mentor Jill at WGU.  Nothing like getting that call and having something good to report.  Made it home at 5:20 PM and finished the final draft of my English paper.  Got it turned in before dinner then free time. 

I have big plans for 2011, not unlike most years, but at this rate I should be fully prepared.  Signed up for Ironman 70.3 Muncie in July.  Couple of early Olympic distance races before that and then see how it all goes.  One never knows what may be around the corner, but I'm trying hard to be ready for something good to come.  We will see ...

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