Journey out of Gehenna

Just read about a man in Haiti who is currently a student at Mountain Top Missions with an interesting family history.  His story is probably not a unique story, but an interesting one from a perspective of where you come from.  In a school essay he described his mother as a "women of the night" from Cite Soleil before she died, and his father was a man of adultery.  Having been to Cite Soleil one can best describe it as a Hell on Earth.  For those that don't believe a literally Hell exists have not been to this city outside of Port-au-Prince.  First and foremost I would say that anyone who made it from such a hard background to being a student at Mountain Top Missions School is a blessed man. 

His story should remind us all that one cannot control where you come from nor the DNA from which you exists.  However, I believe that every man has been blessed with the opportunity for a positive life of meaning, and ultimately through Christ a place in a glorious future. 

This also serves as a great reminder of the work in Haiti that provides an opportunity for an enriched future.  All the government programs in the world will never succeed in transforming a man’s life like those who serve the cause of Christ by providing a complete transformation.  You can provide a man with clean water, food, clothing and a roof over his head, but can you provide him with eternal hope?  Only Christ can do that.  I'm not against governments and other organizations trying to help, I just know that limits exist among them.

It is not where you come from, who your parents were, or the numbers in your bank account.  The character of a man is based on his choices, what you choose to do in this life, and the preparations you make for the next.  

Thankfully this man has found a future.  We should do likewise. 

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