Glow Run 5K

Last night the ISU campus sponsored a “Glow Run 5k” that benefited Habitat for Humanity so I joined in.  Needed to do a speed workout this week anyway so I just thought I would make that it.  My plan was to treat it like a typical workout so I got in a good swim at lunch and just did my normal thing like any other day.  Good and bad, but I had a meeting after work that included a really nice dinner so I participate in that to (nothing like a speed workout on a full stomach).  Probably finished dinner around 6 PM, made it home to change clothes and back on campus at 6:45 PM to register for the race.  Thankfully it didn't start till 7:30 so I had a bit of time. 

My plan was to start easy, run the middle section full speed and then coast it in to the finish as a cool down.  The start went pretty much like that, and after the first ½ mile I was going race pace (makes it fun to pass people that way).  The whole glow run theme was kind of fun running at night.  Only downside is you can’t see the competition up the road very well at all.  We did a turnaround not quite half way so I saw another 8 or so guys in front of me.  Had my eye on two or three that I thought I had time to catch which as you can imagine threw out my plan to coast in the last ½ mile.  I did catch all three by the last quarter mile, but knowing they are all 20 something years old I knew that would sprint at the finish.  Being mid-fifties, my sprint and long since sprung away.  So at the finish one did pass me back.

All in all it was a pretty low-key, fun event that worked out well for a speed workout.  I took a look at my watch and saw my time was 16:43.  Seeing how my 5k PR is 17:17 about 20 years ago, it didn't take long to figure the course was way short.  It was maybe more like 2 ½ miles, who knows.  Anyway it was a good excuse to run at night and enjoy the glow.  Maybe next year they will have it again I can wait on dinner till afterwards ….


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