Gods Not Dead, Movie Review by the other Paul Asay

So I got the chance to see the movie “Gods Not Dead” and came away thinking I need to write about this.  You may know the more famous Paul Asay who lives in Colorado and writes movie reviews for Focus on the Family, but I would be the other one.   With that in mind here is my take on the movie.

First and foremost I not only really enjoyed it, I agree with it.  With the subject matter in mind, that means a lot.  When I saw the movie preview of a Christian college student taking on an Atheist Philosophy professor I knew it could turn in any number of ways.  Had a feeling it wouldn't fight fire with fire so to speak in the world of science.  However, it did, and much the same way I would approach the subject.   That alone made the movie for me.  However, I have to admit it turned very emotional in a number of areas that I think made it a very effective Christian themed movie as well.  Not the kind of movie to win any awards, but was it up front and to the point; most assuredly.

It had its moments when things were just too obvious, when more effect writing and storytelling could have been better.   Yet a number of themes in the Christian life were treated well, like counting the cost for following your faith.  Not living in the grey area that is so easy between secular life and an “all in” Christian worldview.  Be willing to share the truth in a humble and honest way.  That in the end was treated with care.

Throw in a bit of Newsboys themed song “Gods Not Dead”, a Roberson family (Duck Dynasty) cameo appearance and even some Franklin Graham on iPod, which gets you a good view of modern Christian America.   Me personally, I like all the above.

My suggestion, go see it for yourself.  The other Paul Asay, well he would offer a more formidable review, and for the future I’ll leave the reviews to him.  However, in this case I had to pass along my thoughts. 

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