Gravel Road Less Traveled

Between snow storms I was able to ride outside both of the last two Saturdays.  Last Saturday I got out the go fast machine and had some fun attempting to ride at speed.  
Today I got out a new to me toy, my cyclecross bike and hit the trails.  This bike has had a few good owners previous to me.  It makes for pretty inexpensive fun riding the gravel trail in West Terre Haute. Probably make a nice ride to work bike as well.  One could honestly say I spoil myself rotten with bikes, but all of them together is less than one motorcycle. Well that's my excuse anyway.

Kind of makes me feel like I was 10 again getting dirty and sweaty riding down back alleys.  Guess I haven't changed much (less the wrinkles anyway).  

Next race is just 8 weeks away at St. Anthony's Triathlon in Florida.  Considering this winter it may not be very impressive, but I 'm planning on giving it my best.  If nothing else seeing what the sun looks like again will be worth the trip.
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