Running with the ISU Women’s Basketball Team

Yesterday evening the ISU Women’s Basketball Team held a mile run on the track.  Coach Joey Wells sent out a note to campus that they were holding 3 consecutive mile runs on Thursday evenings for the team to improve their mile time.  He also invited everyone to come out and run with them to do the same.  Not being one to pass up an opportunity I sent a quick note to two of my running partners in crime, Joe and Don, and we showed up on the starting line. 

Coach Wells was the first one I met walking out to the track.  Very personable and made everyone welcome for the event.  The team did a nice warm up, had some music going and made it fun.  We all lined up on the track for the start.  Besides the team they probably had another 20 join in. 

Having one more triathlon this season coming up Saturday morning I thought I would give it a 90% effort and not pay the price come race morning.   So I lined up a couple back on the inside of lane two.  Gun went off and the first lap went fairly smooth in 1:35.  Second lap seemed pretty consistent, but I didn't catch any of the other lap times.  By the 4th lap I was feeling the effort and it was not easy at all.  Even though I wanted to keep the limiter on it still turned out to be a fairly hard effort.  

Ended up running 6:31 which is give or take where I thought I might end up.  Have to admit I would like to see 5:59, but don’t think even with 100% effort I was up for that.  Joe and Don were just a little behind me so a good showing from the, shall we say “less young” runners on campus.

Well good motivation to come the next 2 Thursdays and see what I can do with no excuses.    More importantly it was fun meeting the team and the coach.  The girls were very nice and made us feel welcome.  This certainly gives me more reasons to support the team and wish them success this fall. 

Coach hinted at a barbecue for the last mile in 2 weeks so if you want to come hangout with the team this is a great opportunity. 
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