A good view from the lowly bunk bed

One of my good fortunes is the opportunity to travel a lot in my lifetime, and more so in the last few years.  One interesting thing in common in the most important of those travels sounds a bit odd, but I would have to say is the bunk bed.  A bunk bed actually implies group travel, and most often with altruistic intentions.  I’ve visited a number of bunk beds in various places this year, and all of them have been a delight to the soul.

My latest adventure was with a group of students from Indiana State University on a trip called Alternative Fall Break.  We visited the Indiana Dunes National Learning Center to provide some community service.  Staying at a group camp run by a non-profit and working with the National Park Service doing some land reclamation projects.  Day one was simply cutting down weeds in what was once the Good Fellow Youth Camp.  The National Park Service, specifically Ranger Ted is working to restore parts of this camp that was operated by U.S Steel’s Gary Works.  The camp was operated from 1941 to 1976, but then abandoned. 

Day two found us picking specific seeds from the natural prairie that started here and went through most of the Midwest before mankind got a hold of it.  Have to admit I wasn’t really looking forward to this part, but it was actually a really nice activity.  The prairie on a nice sunny day is a relaxing place to visit.  I think everyone on the team enjoyed it, and we collected a lot of seed to help expand the prairie in the future.

I would have to say a divine providence has had an impact on bring me to each of them.  The dynamics of a team working together to be of value can’t be overstated.  Something just clicks in the soul on each of these occasions, and it just makes me want to be involved in more of them.  I’ve also had the good fortune to have some more upscale sleeping quarters in my travels.  Not that I mind a soft bed, but I’m more than willing to sacrifice it with a good group of people.  Be it family, friends, or students here at the university.

May such travels be in each of our futures.
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