6 months from today ...

On September 20th the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships takes place near Portland Oregon. Just the month before I turn 50. Seems like a most logical goal is to see if I can be in the best possible shape to finish in the top 8 within the 50-54 age group. By doing so that would put me on the USAT Team for the World Age Group Championships held later in the Gold Coast, Australia in November 2009. My mission now that I have decided to accept it, is to pull out all the stops to make that team.

In the next 6 months I have to run faster, swim faster and ride near world class for my age (to make up for my slower swim and run times). As of now I have a broken rib on my right side from a run in with a kamikaze dog, but otherwise in good health. My training was going well till February when I got the flu and my latest setback. However, all things considered I'm feeling positive.

My thought now is to treat each day like I'm preparing for the Olympics. In a way I guess I am with the Olympic distance triathlon and a class field to race against come September.

Will I make it, can I make each day count? Read and follow the journey.


Mark Gibson said…
That's funny, Paul. I came across that dog the other day and he said he had a run-in with a kamikaze cyclist, and by the evidence at hand, I'm inclined to side with him =) Good luck, Paul!

- Mark G., member, Paul Asay Fan Club
Paul Asay said…
As Eustace would say on Courage the Cowardly Dog "Stupid dog, make me look bad!"
Unknown said…
Paul, You're really going to like Australia. Queensland is nice that time of the year too! Tom P.

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