Neither Sand nor Wind nor Cold

Had a decent ride in this morning with Tom Patterson. Maybe 34 degrees, windy, but atleast the sun was shining. Seems like I was riding fairly hard but only going 15. The wind was blowing more than I thought. We headed into the wind, and had the advantage of it on the way back in. Got in 32 miles and for the day it was a good effort. Had a close call with sand in the corner while making a turn for home. Thankfull I got it stopped before heading toward a ditch. Part of living in the cold where sand on the road is great to deal with ice, but not so friendly toward a skinny tired bike.

Determination is required in this sport especially this time of year. Makes you apprecaite the warm summer days with a gentle breeze. If you don't contain some fair amount of grit, you would stay home and watch spongebob.
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