10 reasons I put myself through race directing

This was my 7th year as Race Director of the Terre Haute Triathlon, and maybe one of the most rewarding. Every year I get to meet and spend time with some of the most positive and uplifting folks on planet Earth. Between the triathletes themselves, the volunteers, the pros and the families who come to support them, this is one of the best places to be in Indiana on race day. If I had to write a list of the top ten reasons I put myself through this it would be something like the following:

1. Triathletes are some of the most positive and encouraging people you can find to befriend and spend time with.
2. The spirit of volunteerism is off the charts and it is a wonder to work together with these folks.
3. Getting to spend quality time with Jamie Whitmore, Courtney Cardenas and Daniel Bretscher whom we helped sponsor this year. Each was gracious and added immensely to the race this year.
4. Watching Mike Smith 48, from Brownsburg, Indiana race so well and finish second in a super competitive field and knowing what a quality person he is.
5. Writing a check for the proceeds to Mountain Top Ministries School, and knowing it will be put to good use in a desperate land.
6. Helping at the swim exit and seeing the sense of accomplishment as they finished the swim.
7. The positive impact this race has on the Terre Haute community and the local businesses.
8. Feeling the energy at the finish line where emotions are running high along with the smiles, high fives and excitement in the air.
9. Keeping a tradition of excellence that the previous race directors established to put the race on the map.
10. Watching the race grow each year to the point we have more wanting to participate that we have space for.

In case you have not had the opportunity to participate or watch this event, I think you would be pleasantly surprised as the quality of the field and the dynamics this event has on the Terre Haute community. Hawthorn Park also makes for a nice venue and their staff work very hard to help make this event a success.
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