So I was riding in to work today ...

Made it about 4 miles toward work early this morning when my right pedal on my time trial race bike was getting really weird all of the sudden. I thought my cleat on the shoe was loose, so I made the turn toward my in-laws house to see if they had the tool to tighten the bolts. Well, I didn't make it too much further when it got nearly unrideable. I had to climb a good hill with one leg, and then at the top the whole pedal came off the crankset. Turned out the threads on the crankset where stripped out. Made the last couple of blocks turning with one leg only and holding the other leg out with the pedal attached to my shoe and nothing else.

So I ring the doorbell at my in-laws home and thankfully my mother in-law Judy answered. Really good for me, bad for her. Turns out her alarm clock didn't go off and she was supposed to be at work by the time I showed up. A quick call to my wife and help was on the way. She drove me home so that I could shower and drive in to work. Made it in about the normal time thankfully.

The bad news is the crankset (a carbon fiber one at that) is worthless. The bike is now at J's Bike Shop getting fitted to a nice used Campy Chorus crankset. Not your typical start to the day. A bit of an expensive one as well. Guess it could have happened during a race which would have left me walking back. Would have hated that ...
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