Triathlon and the World of Design

I’ve been working on a side project for pro-triathlete, Daniel Bretscher designing his logo and uniform for the upcoming 2011 season.  The logo has been ready for a while and this week we started on the uniform design.  Initially we started with orange and white as the primary colors, but it ended up red, black and white somewhere in the design process.  Somehow you never know what the end result will be starting out; you just sort of arrive there after trial and error.

It would make an interesting video clip to show all the designs and finally morph it into the final one.  We probably did 20 before it was a go.  Designing uniforms and logos was much like the process of designing a new website.  You try it, alter it, and try something else till everyone gives it thumbs up.  

We are working with Champion Systems for the final product.  It may get altered a bit by the time we are finished with the printing, but we should be really close.

Hopefully the whole Bretscher Multisport team will be sporting the new look by spring.  With the coaching, talent and work ethic of this team, you will likely see it on several podiums around the U.S. this year.  I’m anxious to see that myself.

All in all it has been a very fun project.  Hopefully you like it …
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