Cold, Windy, and a Chance of Dog

The training schedule today called for a 40 mile ride.  Took a look out the kitchen window to see the thermometer reading 38 degrees.  Nice and windy as well with the flags flying straight from the northeast.  It’s March and I not really looking forward to another long turbo trainer ride inside, so the choice is made.  Dress warm and put a large scoop of electrolite/carbo powder in the water bottle and headed for the door.

Best way I could think to approach the ride was to head straight into the wind for the first 20 miles north east, so that would take me to the covered bridge with the waterfall running under it in the heart of Bridgeton.   As soon as I got of the neighborhood and hit the wind, my thoughts of success already were running a bit low.  Didn’t know if was really up for this, but I was determined to try.

Made it up to Rosedale and out some nice scenic roads before the first dog chase of the day began.  Part of cycling in Indiana back roads is the inevitable meetings with dogs.  They tend to raise them big here too.  The first one was medium size and growling while I was headed straight into a head wind.  No since trying to out run him so I just tailed in next to or behind him till he got tired of the game and headed for home.  From there I made it out to Bridgeton fighting some stiff breezes.  Took me roughly an hour and 23 minutes, and 16 miles per hour average.

The water was really high under the bridge and the waterfall was making some serious activity this time of year.  Stopped just long enough to take a couple of pictures with my phone and headed back home.  Thought about changing the route to avoid the dog, but I’m too stubborn to change and figured with the tailwind I would have the advantage.  As I passed his home he was nowhere in site.  Back into Rosedale at a much faster pace, then the county line road toward home.  Just as I passed by some friends house out on a country road I met up with dog chase number 2.  This one was with a German Shepard mix on my left and a Pit Bull looking dog on my right.  I had a nice tailwind but had to keep the pace down since I had a nice sandy corner in the road just ahead.  I hit the gas just around the corner just in time for dog number 3.  Thankfully he went chasing dogs 1 and 2 and didn’t pay me any attention. 

Made last stretch toward home and pulled in with 2 hours 26 minutes displaying on my Garmin watch.  Hour and 3 minutes back so it was a lot faster and easier than the ride out.  So goes another adventure cycling in the spring.
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