Alzheimer’s & Cardiac Index

Interesting article yesterday printed in the USA Today about Alzheimer’s and it’s relation to Cardiac Index (the ability of your heart to pump blood). Basically speaking it was tying the lack of blood supply to the brain as a cause of the disease. Having both of my parents pass away with ALZ makes me keen to know what causes it, and how to prevent it. To read the article see:

My mother’s case was different than my father’s so I know it can be a vexing problem to find a solution to. However, in my father’s case the above problem seems very directly related. He had a heart attack, and later heart bypass surgery. He was not one for exercise in general, but he was never really overweight though. A couple of years before he passed away he had a brain scan that showed his brain was shrinking in size. Another symptom mentioned in the article.

Considering the combined facts of an aging population, lack of a solid cure for ALZ, and its projected growth rate this could lead to a bleak future for the elderly. Another factor is the population in general is becoming more sedentary with the advent of technology. Taking these factors together it makes it all the more important that we be keenly aware of the massive effect this disease can cause. Consider also the cost of long-term health care when you can no longer care for yourself. All of this combined point to the war we need to make on this disease. Maybe we need something a kin to the “Livestrong” campaign against cancer for ALZ. No matter your thoughts on Lance Armstrong, we need someone just like him to take on the leadership in this arena.

For now, healthy living in general and consistant activity both physical and mental seemed to be the best course of action. Personally speaking, ALZ is a disaster we would all do well to avoid in every way possible.

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