The Spirit Wills

The Spirit Wills
I came to race
Spirit, Mind and Body
Evansville is the place

Triathlon with my friends
We all like to race
Swim, bike and run we enjoy the pace
Put aside the fears and give them no space

The start arrives and in to the water we slide
To the first buoy swimmers on all sides
Elbows high and let it fly
Several buoys yet to get by

Run to T1 my bike awaits
Helmet on and out the gate
To ride fast there is no better fate
Spinning gears is a positive trait

Back in the park and out on the run
Lord provide me the strength to get this done
High fives from my friends on the course
Along with the volunteers they exhibit a powerful force

The finish line I finally see
This triathlon is to become a part of me
Like rings embedded with a tree
Each endeavor is within the very heart of me
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