Happy Birthday Jane

My sister Jane is having her birthday today
She was always nice to me and had something positive to say
I came along on her 12th birthday
I guess I ruined her party that day
Her mother leaving for a hospital stay

My early memory’s go back to her wedding day
I was six or seven when Gary became part of the family to stay
I remember the cars they drove and the places they lived
They seemed so far away
Yet not so far we could make it in a few hours in the car

I remember going to their house for a week in the summer to play
Every night featured popcorn and conversation of the day
Sometimes out for a movie sometimes a quiet night
Oh yes, I remember that one particular night
Sometimes little brothers are a terrible sight

I always looked forward to those stays
Still visit Jane’s in much the same way
Now with my own kids we go there to play
Out to the beach or just sitting in the sun
I can’t think of to many things more fun

Jane I hope you enjoy your special day
Maybe out for a nice meal and playing cards with your friends
It’s great to know you have many of them
She has a sharp wit and a desire to win
And likely she will again and again

So keep a spare room for us to drop in
Your little brother will be back there again
I may be older and gray
But inside I am much the same way
Like to go to my big sister’s house to play

Love Paul

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