Ben Hur on Carbon Fiber

Now that the days are getting shorter I have to resort to riding in to work the short way. Instead of the 15 miles through the Heritage Trail, now it is straight down the emergency lane on highway 41. This completely changes my demeanor to cycling like an out of work Kamikaze Pilot. No more riding through the scenic tree lined quiet trail. Now it is full gas ride with the cars in time trial mode. Somehow I pass by Union Hospital just as some are leaving work and others heading in. I generally fly around the corner there like the first lap of a criterium race. Something a kin to Ben Hur riding his chariot around the Roman Coliseum. Instead of flying hooves its carbon fiber and aluminum in full tilt. Who needs coffee in the morning after these rides ...


Unknown said…
Dude! You are so right!
We are the modern day counterparts to the gladiators of old!
rhino said…
So you're getting some nice interval work in early!?

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