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Hoosierman Triathlon

Saturday June 6th was the first Hoosierman Triathlon, in Bloomington and my first tri of the year. Had some friends racing as well so it was good to have the company. I met John Sheldon as I walked my bike into the transition area and parked next to him near the swim exit. We were both in the last wave to start so I told John to swim straight so I could draft in behind him. I was sort of kidding at the time, but sure enough I ended up on his heals during most of the swim and let him guide the way. The swim was around 500 meters in Lake Monroe and very comfortable in a wetsuit (69 degrees). At the swim exit I even had to ask John to help with the wetsuit zipper. Maybe I should have tipped him as my person assistant :-) The first transition went really smooth and I was out on the bike and up the first major climb of the day pretty quick. It was a tough, but expected considering this is Bloomington. Most of the bike ride I felt really good and had the hammer down all the way.

So I was riding in to work today ...

Made it about 4 miles toward work early this morning when my right pedal on my time trial race bike was getting really weird all of the sudden. I thought my cleat on the shoe was loose, so I made the turn toward my in-laws house to see if they had the tool to tighten the bolts. Well, I didn't make it too much further when it got nearly unrideable. I had to climb a good hill with one leg, and then at the top the whole pedal came off the crankset. Turned out the threads on the crankset where stripped out. Made the last couple of blocks turning with one leg only and holding the other leg out with the pedal attached to my shoe and nothing else. So I ring the doorbell at my in-laws home and thankfully my mother in-law Judy answered. Really good for me, bad for her. Turns out her alarm clock didn't go off and she was supposed to be at work by the time I showed up. A quick call to my wife and help was on the way. She drove me home so that I could shower and drive in to work.

10 reasons I put myself through race directing

This was my 7th year as Race Director of the Terre Haute Triathlon, and maybe one of the most rewarding. Every year I get to meet and spend time with some of the most positive and uplifting folks on planet Earth. Between the triathletes themselves, the volunteers, the pros and the families who come to support them, this is one of the best places to be in Indiana on race day. If I had to write a list of the top ten reasons I put myself through this it would be something like the following: 1. Triathletes are some of the most positive and encouraging people you can find to befriend and spend time with. 2. The spirit of volunteerism is off the charts and it is a wonder to work together with these folks. 3. Getting to spend quality time with Jamie Whitmore, Courtney Cardenas and Daniel Bretscher whom we helped sponsor this year. Each was gracious and added immensely to the race this year. 4. Watching Mike Smith 48, from Brownsburg, Indiana race so well and finish second in a super com