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What we really want for Christmas

Confused about what to ask for this Christmas?  Have something specific in mind what you would like to see wrapped up in a box with your name on it under the tree?  Let me be so bold as to suggest what we all really want.  The three big H's: Health, Hope and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The first being a state of the body, the latter two the state of mind. Having traveled a bit I've had the good fortune to see wealth at it's finest and poverty in it lowest depths.  Let me suggest people in both situations want the same three big H's as everyone else. The pursuit of health is a daily battle between what is easy, tasty and convenient versus what is good, of most physical reward, and lasting ability of the body to perform at its best.  Combine this with what you are born with, have to overcome, and natural setbacks that occur to everyone.  The end result is the ability of the body to function.  Oh how often we forget the value of just how important health