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Clark County Biathlon (5k run 15 mile bike)

This past weekend I raced the Clark County Biathlon at Mill Creek Park with my good friend Mike Calawerts.   It was a first time event that featured a 5k run and 15 mile bike.   You could also just race the 5k and skip the bike if you wanted to.   Race didn’t start till 3 PM so plenty of time to enjoy the day before showing up for the event.   Got there in plenty of time and saw a number of friends out warming up for the course.   Caleb Towles was there so I knew we had some competition.   Turns out Caleb was with a friend and just running the 5k so we dodged that bullet.   With just 30 or so bikes racked at the start it was a pretty small event. At the start Mike and Caleb took off in a good lead, I was cruising along in 4 th for most of the run.   By the end of the 3 miles I could see Caleb was well off in front and Mike not too far behind.   I came in just behind the 3 rd place guy, but had a really fast transition to the bike and got out before him.   With Caleb not rid