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Ironman 70.3 World Championships Las Vegas Nevada

Amazing what an eclectic combination of murky water, rain, a pocket tool and sunshine can bring in one day.  Found myself with 72 other 55-59 years old standing in the pouring rain just before the start at Lake Las Vegas.  My wife Sherrie was there videotaping just off to the left.   When it was our turn at 6:45 A.M we moved in mass into the murky water and did the swim up to the start, treading water for a minute till the gun goes off.  Have to admit it seemed rather an uninviting and dark swim.  I didn't get off to a good start, but improved as my nerves settled down.  The swim course is around 16 buoys in a 1.2 mile rectangle of open water.  Got a bit roughed up as some really fast swimmers went by on more that one occasion, but out the water I came after about 45 minutes and made the long run around the lake  into transition. Running on the wet blue carpet I got to near the end of 2,100 bikes in transition and found my bike, number 384 ready and waiting.   I was greeted