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Spirit of Jasper Duathlon. A.K.A. Plan B

This past Saturday I rolled out of bed early and headed down to Jasper Indiana for the Spirit of Jasper Duathlon.   This was the weekend I had planned to race the Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon, but the North High School Senior Prom sort of got in the way.   Jared is a senior this year and so his plans for the prom preempted my travel plans for the weekend.   Well after a losing argument with Sherrie!  Thankfully Rev3 rolled my entry to next year, so very appreciative of that. My last trip to Jasper was probably as a college student, so needless to say it has been a long-time.   I arrived in Jasper by 7 am, just as the transition area was opened.   This was a first-time event, with a 5k and a duathlon which consisted of a 5k run, 15 mile bike, and another 5k run.   The first three bikes in transition were all serious aero machines so I knew from the start the competition would be good.   As soon as I got in line to register Nick Waninger, a friend and pro-triathlete showed, so the compet

Thought for the Day

This has been a stressful week as Race Director for the Terre Haute Triathlon in just two weeks.  Not just sweating the details which is always the case, but also concerned that registration numbers are way down.  Too much competition on the event schedule for a limited amount of triathletes seems to be the real issue.  At least that’s how it seems to me anyway. Today the weather was much better, sun was shining and I was able to run on my lunch hour today.  I’ve been nursing a strained calf muscle, so my running has been limited.  Somehow that really seemed to improve my mood.  As I was thinking about the race, it is much more about the athletes that show up more than it is about numbers.  The best thing we can do as a race team is build an event that really focuses on providing a safe and fair race giving the racers the best opportunity for success that we can. Thinking on that I wrote the following on the Registration page for the race: The Thunder in the Valley, Terre Haute Tria