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Ironman Muncie Race Recap

The concept of racing at Ironman Muncie started in the Fall of 2010 when I heard that Ironman Corporation was buying out the Muncie Endurathon Half Ironman race.  With Ironman coming to Indiana, and looking for a marquee event for 2011, this was an obvious one.  Not long after I talked to my friend Greg Lucas, and next thing you know we are both making plans to go.  One of the best things that happened shortly afterwards was getting hooked up with Daniel Bretscher as my coach.  He set me on a path to success that began November 1 st and continued right up until race day. Race day itself was a good experience until about an hour before the race after everything was setup and ready to go.  Then the nervousness hit me.  Thankfully my wife Sherrie was there, and made the wait to the swim start much easier on me.  At the swim start I lined up fairly close to the front of the pack with Greg.  Had the opportunity to talk with my fellow Bretscher Multisport teammate Ron Gierut

Redhawk Rampage Sprint Triathlon

This past Saturday I raced the sprint triathlon at Eastern Illinois University called the Redhawk Rampage.  Nice short tune up race for Ironman Muncie 70.3 this coming weekend.  It was fairly small with 70 finishers, but well organized and a lot of fun. Saw a friend and teammate Andreas Mayer there and always fun to race with him.  We are close on the swim and bike, but he has out run me for 20 + years, so we know one another rather well. Started off with a 300 yard pool swim going 1 at a time with 15 to 20 seconds between swimmers.  We sort of seeded ourselves among the 5 -6 minute swim times.  We started in lane 1, and going under the lane lines after each 50 so you end up in the last lane when you are finished.  Didn't focus well at all and had a slow swim.  Out of the water you run down the long hall way on carpet then out the door to the transition area.  Got through T1 in a decent time and hit the bike course feeling good.  The first few miles on the bike course is throug