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What I Need to do Today Is ...

This past Thanksgiving day I had the opportunity to participate in the Brazil YMCA Turkey Trot 5k run.  Couple weeks back Nick and Tracy Sarris mentioned their whole family was going to run so I became an honorary member for the day and joined in.  Come Thanksgiving morning after a warm up with Nick we got in line and ready to start.  Five members of the Sarris family, me and about 170 others took off at the start. About a ½ mile in a was pretty far back in maybe 30 place and thinking I was starting a little too slow, but by mile 1 I was probably in the top 10.  First one went by in 6:40, and felt pretty relaxed.  Passed a couple more by mile two and heard 13:20 called out as I went by.  Made two miles go by at 6:40 even pace so not so bad.  Last mile I tried to catch the lead girl in front of me, but she picked it up and I ran in on my own finishing in 20:49 (7 th overall).  I think that averages out to 6:41 pace so pretty even splits. Probably the most fun on the day was r

Magnificence of a Deer

My son Jacob is the hunter/fisherman of the family and last week got his second deer of the season in the woods behind my brother in-laws home.  I went over with my friend Ron to help him load it up in the truck.  Just taking a look at it before we picked it up reminds me that no matter if you like to hunt them like Jacob or just watch them from a far like myself, deer at true magnificent creatures.    Last summer I was riding the bike home from work when I watched two of them head across a field and straight at me.  They were running full speed and passed me so close I think I could have reached across the handlebars and touched them.  Sort of in awe at the power and grace as they flew passed thankful that they didn't take me out.  While deer may seem like a fairly uncomplicated creature, they like all living creatures are anything but that.  Watching the process of field dressing the animal the complexity of them become all the more readily apparent.  Something hunters