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Sierra Leone November 12 - 18

Sierra Leone, November 12 – 18 2018 Tuesday:   The flight arrived at airport after dark, and we walked out of the airport to get tickets to the ferry. $40 per person to ride about 10 miles across to Freetown.   We loaded in a bus who took us the short drive to the boat.   Smooth ride on a somewhat small boat at night so it was pleasant. Meet by two drivers who took us to dinner where I had Chicken Shawarma and a coke.   Then took a short drive to Barmoi hotel. Nick and I stayed in one room, all the others split into groups of 2. Wednesday: Woke up early so we could run on the beach.   Walked down a little unsure where to find it, but was no problem.   The beach itself could be beautiful, but was covered with trash. Mostly just awful. Ran 2.5 miles Nick who was running better than me. Felt super-hot at the end. Walked back up the hill to the hotel and into the big gate with a guard. Got in a quick swim in the small pool there that felt great.   A shower then held to breakfas